Baby Transport Incubator Standard

Baby Transport Incubator Standard Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Control Panel: The control panel features a display that is easy to read at any angle during transportation. Display for air temperature and skin temperature helps to maintain, control, and provide essential information about the infant’s thermal support. The microprocessor-controlled system has air and skin modes for operation. The display shows both temperatures. Air or Skin temp along with Set temp. Soft touch operation comes with a digital display and extensive alarms.

Power Source: Baby Transport incubator  operates on AC or DC power using AC when available or switching to its internal battery when necessary

Battery: The batteries used in the system are 12 volts 18ah. Sealed maintenance-free VRLA batteries.

The Charge Time is 8-10 hrs. per battery from full discharge.

Single wall  Head Hood

Chassis Body: Plastic (fiber) for shockproof the system


• Skin temp  low / high  • Probe failure   • Low battery • Power failure • System Failure  • Timer

In case of high temperatures. above 38 degrees C, the heater automatically cuts off to ensure the baby’s safety.

Baby Transport Incubator can be used in manual mode as well.

Standard Features

• Single wall Hood • Skin temperature probe / Air temp. Probe • 2 access doors  •  1 baby belt • Collapsible trolley


It comes with Oxygen Cylinder, Pressure Regulatory Assembly, and Flow Meter.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Stand

With 2/4 no. gas springs for ambulance and hospital transport purposes. The gas spring system allows the stand to collapse when the lever is pulled and the trolley is pressed from both sides.

Control Displays

Battery condition status: single led indication of low battery condition on the side panel

Power mode: illuminates AC, DC, or external DC

Air/Baby temp °C: displays incubator air temp/baby temperature

Temperature set range: 32 degrees C –  39 degrees C

Temp variability: 1.0 degrees C

Temp uniformity: 1.0 degrees C

Air filter: removes airborne particles & dust

Easy  Access: Quick and easy access through the side access door and front port holes. The side door folds down and the mattress retracts out from the hood to access emergency procedures. The door and tubing ports offer ventilator tubing support.

The infant restraint strap is attached to the baby bed.

Dimensions in inches (Approx)

Height without hood: 98cm

In collapsible stand mode: 72cm

Hood: 122cm Width: 57cm Length: 132cm

Baby bed  : 50 x 27cm

Weight: 75kg

Backup: 60-90mns

Size of Castors: 12.5cm PU

Sealed maintenance-free battery: VRLA Batteries Charge time: 10hrs.(Approx.)

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Baby Transport Incubator Standards at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 

BCBI 111       Baby Transport Incubator Standard


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