Baby Infant Incubator

Baby Infant Incubator Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Baby Infant Incubator has temperature controlled unit which is operated by advanced microcomputer technology.

The digital display indication provides Set Temperature, Air Temperature, and Skin Temperature.

Two function control modes provide flexibility while optimizing the thermal environment.

In addition, the skin temperature display is larger than the set/air temperature display.

For easy cleaning & service, the heater and the control unit are removable.

The acrylic hood helps full visibility & accessibility of the baby.

A full set of alarms provides safety convenience, with both audible and visual indicators in case of :

Probe Failure / Power Failure / High Temperature / Low Temperature

The skin Temperature display can be converted from C to F with the help of a button.

A big LCD display is provided for more specific information & visualization of the heater power in different modes.

The High & Low Temperature alarm settings can be adjusted according to the Child’s condition.

Humidification is provided with the help of two water trays provided at the back of the unit.

Three side trays are provided at the bottom of the unit to keep consumables.

The unit rests on four big castors with brakes.

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Model No 

BCBI 101      Baby Infant Incubator


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