Infant Trolley With Resuscitator

Infant Trolley With Resuscitator Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Infant Trolley With Resuscitator is mainly used in delivery rooms, baby wards, and NICU.

Infant Trolley comes with a big shelf at the bottom for keeping consumables.

It can adjust the oxygen concentration from 21% to 100%.

The MAX-P and PIP are safe, controlled, and accurate.

PEEP is constant and accurate.

Infant Trolley With Resuscitator is simple to operate and flexible.

The output Pressure would not be influenced by the operator’s experience, training, attention, and fatigue.

Technical Parameter :

Pressure Gauge – 2~10 Kpa (-20~100cm H₂O)

MAX-P- 0~15 LPM 6 Kpa (60cm H₂O)

PIP- 5~15 LPM 0.2~5.7 Kpa (2~57cm H₂O)

PEEP- 5~15 LPM 0.03~2.3 Kpa (0.3~23cm H₂O)

The nonmotorized slow suction can be used with a simple oxygen flow through the oxygen humidifier when connected to an oxygen cylinder/wall unit.

Infant Trolley is manufactured with heavy round pipes.

Acrylic transparent Seamless Crib with mattress.

Body section is mounted on 7.5 cm castors.

It has an IV Stand rod.

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley with Humidifier Bottle.

Product Size: 93 x 49 x 80 cm.

Knock Down Construction to save freight.

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Infant Trolley With resuscitators at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 

BCRT 101        Infant Trolley With Resuscitator

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