Infant Resuscitator

Infant Resuscitator Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Infant Resuscitator is mainly used in the delivery room, baby wards, and NICU.

Infant Resuscitator has an inside alarm system for differential pressure.

When alarming the safety valve starts automatically and produces the mixture of the gas continuously to ensure the safety of the baby.

It has a feature to adjust the Oxygen concentration from 21% to 100%.

The range of flow adjustment is 5 LPM ~ 15 LPM.

MAX-P and PHP are safe, controlled, and accurate.

PEEP is constant and accurate.

This product is very simple to operate and flexible.

Pressure gauge :- 2~10kPa (-20~100cmH2O).

MAX-P : 0~15LPM 6kPa (60cmH2O).

PIP : 5~15LPM0 0.2~5.7kPa (2~57cmH2O).

PEEP : 5~15LPM 0.03~2.3kPa (0.3~23cmH2O).

We are Manufacturer, Exporters, and Suppliers of Infant Resuscitator at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 

BCIR 101        Infant Resuscitator


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