Fetoscope Stethoscope

Fetoscope Stethoscope Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Fetoscope Stethoscope is used to obtain information about a fetus within the uterus and a stethoscope is designed for listening to the fetal heartbeat.

This Specially designed fetal stethoscope has superior sound sensitivity to hear a baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy (usually after 18 to 20 weeks).

Includes binaural and vinyl-coated headrest

22-inch Y-tubing

29 inch overall

Latex free

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Fetoscope stethoscopes at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 

BCFE 115     Fetoscope Stethoscope

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