Fetal Heart Doppler

Fetal Heart Doppler Supplied by Baby Care Equipments


1. Screen: 4.50 cm TFT screen
2. Heart Rate Range:50-240 bpm
3. Heart Rate Accuracy:±1% or ±1bpm whichever is greater
4. Ultrasound Frequency:2.5MHz
5. Ultrasound Sensor Size: Φ2.5cm
6. Ultrasound Sensitivity: >110dB
7. Speaker:  Φ40mm built-in speaker
8. Auto Shut Off: 2 minutes no signal
9. Battery Type: 1 set Li-ion rechargeable battery
10. Waterproof Grade:IPX1
11. Interface: 35cm earphone output
12. Weight: around 215g (including probe, excluding battery)
13. Dimensions:14.2(H) x 6.8(W) x 2.8(D)cm
* Advanced auto-correlation fetal heart rate processing algorithm enables high accuracy
* Dynamic digital noise reduction technology delivers the best ever and clearest sounds for optimum FHR
* High-resolution color screen provides numeric and trace presentation of fetal heart rate
* High sensitivity wide beam 2.5MHz probe ensures optimum performance from early gestation right through
  to delivery
* Rechargeable via USB socket guarantees low running costs and negates the need to change batteries.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Fetal Heart Doppler at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 

BCHD 105           Fetal Heart Doppler

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