Bubble CPAP System Gold

Bubble CPAP System Gold Manufactured by Baby Care Equipments


Newborn / Pediatric CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation Support System

Neonatal continuous positive airway pressure support system with nasal or nasal congestion CPAP (Nasal-CPAP) will continue to provide airflow into the airway CPAP ventilator.

It gives the baby a safe and controllable oxygen concentration.

It helps to effectively maintain the functional residual capacity.

It helps to reduce the breathing done by the baby.

It can reduce the need for invasive mechanical ventilation.

It is able to give the baby a better-wet gas.

It can significantly reduce the incidence of chronic pneumonia (CLO).

It can improve some of the lung physiological indicators, such as height, weight, and soon.

CPAP pressure generator

With the CPAP pressure bar, it is easy to set the shock pressure from 3 to 250 px water column.

Automatic water level adjustment mechanism to ensure constant CPAP pressure levels.

A removable water tank can keep the CPAP from being interrupted.

Ventilation mode (MODE): CPAP (BUBBLE CPAP) mode.

The scope of application: Applicable to spontaneous breathing of the newborn, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support.

Flow regulation LPM  : 0 LPM – 10 LPM (Varies in different Air – Oxygen blender).

Oxygen concentration O2%     : 21 %-100 %

CPAP pressure  : 300 Pa -1000 Pa (3 cm H₂0 – 10 cm H₂0).

Pressure warning: Sound alarm (Pneumatic alarm).

Indicator light: On indicates that the device is in operation.

Working noise: Not more than 55 dB(A).

Gas input: Medical oxygen 0.3 MPa – 0.4 MPa.

Power supply: Ac 220 V  ± 22 V ,50 Hz ±  Hz.

It comes with inbuilt Air – oxygen blender.

It is compact, and easy to carry with a built-in handle on the top.

It can be used as transport CPAP if attached to a power – supply and oxygen.

It is a low-power design for the spontaneous breathing of newborns and children to provide continuous positive-pressure ventilation support.

It is small in size with low noise, maintenance-free for NICU, transport, pediatric ward, and another different places.

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BCCS 105        Bubble CPAP System Gold

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